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BookerLAB Joins the Vintage Music Market with Advanced Motor Controller

LIBERTY, SC, USA  January 24, 2018 – BookerLAB, the newest member of the vintage music market, will debut at the 2018 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show on January 25.
Spearheaded by Thomas Booker O’Hanlan, BookerLAB is committed to preserving vintage legacies by providing relevant upgrades that maintain the quality of vintage musical instruments and supporting audio gear.

The first product in the BookerLAB family is Revolution: The Advanced Motor Controller. O’Hanlan experimented with versatile, maintenance-free motor concepts for rotating speaker systems. He then partnered with Sealevel Systems, Inc. to produce Revolution. Unlike simple speed controller updates, Revolution provides a complete motor replacement to extend the life of Leslie® Rotating Speaker Cabinets.

BookerLAB demands precise engineering, thoughtful design and arduous testing for all products. This adherence to excellence and technical advancement makes Revolution stand out compared to existing solutions. Using speed measurement software, the BookerLAB team studied various Leslie speaker models and analyzed motor response time to ensure that Revolution emulates the original conditions. As a final test, engineers and musicians spent hours in a recording studio, scrutinizing the sound of the updated Leslie. The revered sound remained unchanged: Revolution passed.

Revolution: Advanced Motor Controller

  • Increased reliability
  • Eliminates motor alignment maintenance
  • Allows fast/stop mode
  • Works with Trek II®/EIs relay-equipped amplifiers for slow/off/fast
  • Enables conversion of select single speed Leslies to two- or three-speed operation
  • Allows individual rotor speed control
  • Compatible with all older models that use the dual (or single) motor stacks

Revolution will be on display at the NAMM Show, Booth #7905, and available for demonstration. For more information about Revolution and BookerLAB, visit or call +1 864.843.4459.