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AmpBox Cable System


A drop-in plug adapter for Leslie amplifiers available in NL8 or EP6.

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The AmpBox is a drop-in plug adapter for 122 and 147 Leslie amplifiers that converts the standard 6-pin input to one of two modern plug options.

Plug options include NL8 and EP6. Each option ends in a 6-pin female harness which is hidden by the sturdy steel enclosure when mounted, making plugging into the amplifier much safer.

Very simple to install, it mounts onto the front of the amplifier using the two front mounting screws and washers from the amp itself. No extra hardware is needed.

AmpBox pairs perfectly with the output version of MiniBox, the OutletBox, a Fusion Preamp Interface modded for use with an NL8 or EP6 connector, or any system that matches its plug input and is wired for 122 or 147 usage.

Important pinout information: EP6 models follow the same pin numbering scheme as traditional 6-pin plugs; pin 1 of the EP6 is pin 1 of the Amphenol, and so on. The NL8 version comes with push terminals so you or your tech can decide what pinout works best. Regardless of which model you choose, there is a small label with our suggested pin layout on every AmpBox.


  • Safely enclose AC connection of vintage 6-pin plug.
  • Modernize your Leslie connectivity.
  • No extra hardware needed, mounts onto amplifier using hardware it comes with.


  • Sturdy steel enclosure.
  • Compatible with 122 and 147: Includes label with pinouts.
  • NL8 or EP6 plug.
  • 6-pin Female Harness: Connects to Leslie input and is hidden beneath enclosure when mounted.


  • AmpBox NL8
  • AmpBox EP6

Additional information

Weight 5.6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 3 in
Plug Type

NL8, EP6


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