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Rendition 11-Pin Interface Pedal


Rendition incorporates dual footswitches, and audio input jack, and the 11-pin interface.

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11-pin rotary speakers, such as the Leslie® 3300, connect directly to 11-pin organs and enhance the sound. And while that’s been desirable for many musicians, it’s been difficult to utilize these 11-pin speakers in more creative ways. Until now.

To enhance the versatility of these speakers and give musicians more options, BookerLAB created Rendition. This small pedal incorporates dual footswitches, an audio input jack, and the 11-pin interface.

Speed Control
The incorporated dual footswitch allows for Stop and Slow/Fast, with LED indicators. Alternatively, you can use a CU-1 compatible half-moon switch for speed control from your console.

Rendition features a 1/4″ input jack for an organ or any other instrument with a line level output. This allows keyboards and other instruments to easily connect, again with flexible speed control options.

Remote Control
A small power switch lets you power the speaker on and off remotely.

Rendition provides a 15′ cable terminated in the 11-pin socket connection. Additional length can be achieved by adding 11-pin to 11-pin cables.

Additional information

Weight 17.5 oz
Dimensions 4.625 × 3.625 × 1.625 in


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