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Defender DC-147 Low Voltage Switch Interface


Modern safety upgrade for console organs.

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The Defender DC-147 is a modern safety upgrade to any console organ that is compatible with a 147-type Leslie®. Intentionally designed for easy installation, the DC-147 converts the potentially lethal AC voltage on the speed switch to a safe 12VDC.

Installation is as simple as rewiring the speed switch and inserting the DC-147 between the switch and the Leslie 147 connector. Defender takes over pin 2 of a 6-pin 147 connection and taps AC on pins 3 and 4. Every Defender ships with 1′ each of blue, yellow, and gray wire to add to your existing connection, if needed.

BookerLAB offers a few configurations for the Defender, with an option to include a 1-foot 1/4″ TRS jack accessory that can be easily rewired for either 2- or 3-speed usage. Defender can also be utilized in a console as a “connect kit”.


  • Removes lethal AC voltage from the speed switch, eliminating the potential for shock due to a faulty switch
  • Compatible with 120VAC North American power and international 220VAC power


  • Compatible with 147 (6W) type amplifiers with 2 or 3-speed operation
  • Module can be added to the 147 connector box, LV26-1
  • Enclosure can be mounted inside the console
  • Small footprint: 2″x3″ module


  • DC-147 Defender Module
  • DC-147 with 1/4″ TRS adapter for 3-speed 147 amplifiers
  • DC-147-OEM Circuit Board without Enclosure

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions N/A

Defender DC-147, Defender with 1/4" TRS Adapter, Defender Circuit Board Only


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