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Amplified: A Q&A with BookerLAB Founder Tom O’Hanlan

Six months into our first year of business, the passionate mind behind our company continues to create and improve. Take a few minutes to get insight into the mind of our founder, Tom O’Hanlan.

Hello Tom! How are you?

I’m good. I just got back from a busy week with my grandkids. We went to Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. I’m excited to be back at work on BookerLAB.

What has been going on with BookerLAB and Revolution: The Advanced Motor Controller (AMC) since the Winter NAMM Show in California?

We think we have finished the AMC. A big development happened just recently. We’re moving over to a brushless motor that will last longer than our previous choice and minimize vibration. It’s also smaller, lighter and cheaper.

Before the show, we had consulted with several industry experts and received great feedback. After our launch, we took that feedback and went through a second level of testing. The product was good and “ready” almost immediately, but it wasn’t good enough for me. We made technical adjustments and cleared up minor issues with vibration, humming, and thunking noises.

Now, we’re putting the AMC and a few other new products back into the hands of those experts as well as developing other equipment in the meantime. We continue to be open to technology and design that enhance the audiophile’s vintage music experience.

Speaking of NAMM, how are you feeling about the upcoming Summer NAMM Show in Nashville?

We won’t be exhibiting, but I plan on attending. I’m excited to be there! I’m looking forward to continuing getting to know the music community and catching up with friends we made during the last show. I’ll spend some time with Murph Wanka from Nashville Pro Hammond, an expert on Hammonds Leslies.

Have you enjoyed working with these guys?

Oh, absolutely! Since I started getting to know the people in the vintage music industry and the Leslie Hammond technician community, I’ve loved seeing their camaraderie in online forums.
They respect each other and earn respect in turn. I love their teamwork and the sharing of ideas.

Speaking of vintage music, what are some of your classic favorites?

Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, the whole Gospel genre, Santana… Which, [Carlos Santana] really does speak with his guitar. You can hear him crying through it.

Any new music interests?

I love the funky, groovy sounds of Vulfpeck, especially their guy Joe Dart. I like the blues of Gary Clark,Jr. In general, I like big guitar. I play bass myself.

One last question: what are BookerLAB’s development goals?

We remain committed to three main goals.

First, we want to put this technology in the hands of those who need it the most, from church organists to studios. Motors are essential to Leslies and all our products aim to extend the life of those motors.

Second, we’re expanding our vision for BookerLAB products. We’re considering custom work, vintage DIY restoration uses, rental organizations and everyone who can use precision engineering with a dedication to legacy in their equipment solutions.

Finally, we promise to ensure quality control while keeping prices fair.

While it’s not necessarily a company goal, I want to do this for the rest of my life. Maybe I can’t write music, but I see BookerLAB as an extension of my desire to be creative in the music world. I feel like I am contributing.

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