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EBY-2 Connector


Upgrade, retrofit, and enhance your amplifier.

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The EBY-2 Connector from BookerLAB®: upgrade, retrofit, and enhance your amplifier.

The EBY-2 is the only speaker connector available for amplifiers that utilize a 2-pin speaker connection. Incorporated as a standard feature on the BookerLAB REbellion Amplifier, the EBY-2 is now available as a standalone solution for use in vintage amplifiers, too.

Retrofit and Enhance Your Amplifier
The EBY-2 Connector provides connectivity for 2-pin speaker interfaces.

Easy Upgrade for Vintage Gear
With a small footprint, the EBY-2 also includes 15 inches of wire for installation.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1.63 × 0.57 × 0.69 in


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