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LBB Breakout Box


The ultimate “Breakout Box” for vintage Leslie® speakers

The LBB Breakout Box is a versatile interface tool for the control and/or connection of multiple Leslie® speakers.

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A wide variety of configuration options is possible with three stock models available.

Model A
The base model LBB serves as an in-line enhancement to a combo organ (or “clone wheel”) and premp setup. The LBB provides Fast/Stop functionality, plus 122/147 simultaneous operation. The LBB also allows the use of half-moon switches, with future plans to incorporate MIDI, to control speed and Stop, expanding beyond a footswitch and single interface.

Model B
Model B is an enhanced connect kit for a Hammond® Console Organ and Leslie 122/147 speakers, with a 5P Plug connector. It provides all the features of Model A, with various FlexPanels.

Model C
Model C is an auxiliary input interface for the Leslie 122/147. In this configuration, the LBB allows line level input with a 1/4″ (or other FlexPanel) as well as TRS speed control.

• Provides transformer isolation for 122 model
• Replaces the 147 AC Tremolo switch with a safe 12VDC for speed switching
• Supports EIS/TrekII Speed and Stop. Modes
• AC selection switch provides 120VAC from a host console/preamp or AC input connector
• FlexPanel connector sites provide endless interface options
• Easily configurable with terminal block wiring options
• Mounts inside a console or to the back of a Leslie
• Custom wiring available


Additional information

Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 8.75 × 5.5 × 3.0 in


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