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SideCar Cable System

Complete cable and connector kit for vintage Leslies

The SideCar offers a complete, safe solution for connections and cabling.



The SideCar Cable System, designed for connecting Hammond organs to Leslie 122 and 147 speaker cabinets, enables a safer and more reliable cable connecting. The SideCar consists of two small, easy-to-install components, the AmpBox and the OutletBox, and three cables.

The AmpBox features three connectors – Power, Speed and Signal – and a discreet harness to attach to the Leslie 6-pin connector, shielding the user as a safety feature. With two screws, it mounts securely to the amp and can be removed easily if required.

The OutletBox also provides Power, Speed and Signal with the appropriate connectors. Mains power in options allow for an IEC or PowerCon connector. A Power Relay can be operated by the console switch, providing a strong current bust and saving wear on the primary console power switch.

One SpeakOn and two PowerCon cables, available in a variety of lengths, are included.


  • Safe alternative to vintage cables
  • Locking connectors for secure latch
  • Easy installation


USPTO Design and Utility patents pending.
UL and international safety certifications pending.


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