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Fusion Preamp Interface


Connect and control rotary speakers

The Fusion Preamp Interface is a versatile interface tool for connecting – and controlling – rotary speakers.

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The Fusion Preamp Interface, designed for connecting and controlling Leslie® speaker cabinets, enables simultaneous operation and safe speed switching. The built-in preamp provides 26db of clean gain volume, treble and bass controls while the 11-pin connector provides the signals and speed control from the organ.

In addition to the 11-pin connector, Fusion features a 1/4″ front panel input for guitars as well as other keyboards or electronic instruments. A low cut switch is useful for acoustic guitars, too. The gain select switch allows you to vary low or high gain to suit your application.

The 147 output connects to a Leslie 147 or 145 style rotary speaker and the 122 output connects to a Leslie 122 or 142 style speaker. 11 pin Output and PR-40 Output options available.

For speed control, a CU-1 half moon switch , or a compatible footswitch can be utilized. A terminal block input allows for hard-wiring the speed switch. Individual selection of normal or EIS/TrekII mode for the 122 and 147 amplifiers is also possible.

Fusion Pedal
The Fusion Pedal features a conveniently shaped “stomp box” enclosure with rugged switches for foot control of speed and mode. This variation also includes MIDI for controlling speed and stop, as well as “recording” speed switch movements during play.



  • In-line enhancement for a combo organ or clone-wheel organs
  • Provides Fast/Slow/Stop and simultaneous Leslie 122/147 operation
  • Safe low voltage DC speed switching for 122 and 147
  • Built-in preamp
  • 11 pin Input and Output options
  • 5 pin connector option for PR-40 Tone Cabinets
  • 8 pin DIN connector option for sK, xK series organs provides total Leslie control


  • Standard Enclosure with Mounting Bracket or “stage box” with a unique cable clamp strain relief
  • “Stomp Box” Pedal Enclosure
    • MIDI incorporated for Leslie Speed Control and recording of switch action

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FPI-D11, FPI-D11/11, FPI-D11/PR40, FPI-P, FPI-PM, FPI-D11/TRS


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