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BookerLAB Premieres Two New Products and Upgraded Amplifier at the 2022 NAMM Show

LIBERTY, SC, USA May 31, 2022 – BookerLAB, Inc. announces two new products to premiere at the 2022 NAMM Show: the Rendition 11-Pin Interface Pedal and the D6 Infusion Console Line Out Cable. These products will be available for demonstration alongside the newest version of BookerLAB’s Rebellion Amplifier and the Fusion Preamp Interface Pedal.

BookerLAB continues to respond to growing market demand for devices that connect the newest musical gear and more traditional, legacy equipment. The Rendition pedal facilitates more creative ways to use 11-pin speakers, expanding versatility for musicians. The D6 Infusion cable enables instant connectivity between a Hammond® console and a 1/4″ line level input, enabling users to take advantage of various peripheral gear.

“Over the past year we’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to expand our network of players and technicians. Understanding their specific needs and desires to expand their capabilities beyond what has previously been possible continually informs our product development,” says Tom O’Hanlan, founder of BookerLAB.

BookerLAB also sees the NAMM Show as an ideal place to showcase the latest upgrades to the Rebellion Amplifier, a solid-state alternative to traditional tube amplifiers, as well as their Fusion Preamp Interface Pedal for simultaneous speaker cabinet operation and speed switching.

  • Rendition 11-Pin Interface Pedal
    Rendition enhances the versatility of 11-pin speakers to give musicians more options. This small pedal incorporates dual footswitches, an audio input jack and the 11-pin interface.
  • D6 Infusion Console Line Out Cable
    D6 Infusion makes it easier than ever to connect various line-level peripherals to a Hammond® console, without the need for a technician.

In addition to Rendition, D6 Infusion and Rebellion, BookerLAB will have the original Fusion Preamp Interface, SideCar Cable System and other products available for demoing during NAMM at Booth #9708.

Rendition and D6 Infusion are shipping daily from stock; the Rebellion Amplifier and Fusion Preamp Interface Pedal are available for pre-order with shipments scheduled to begin July 15, 2022.