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Musings of musicians and thoughts of thinkers.

MIDI for Leslie Speakers

Leslie speakers are the master craft of a legendary music generation. Their unique audio effects have found homes in churches, music venues, stage shows and recording studios. They may be legacy gear, but they have staying power. Now, digital control technology allows for these speakers to be part of highly produced and automated shows. MIDI: […]

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The latest and greatest: products, shows and more.


BookerLAB Announced as Main Sponsor for SC Hall of Fame Induction Show

LIBERTY, SC, USA  May 24, 2023 – BookerLAB, Inc. is the main sponsor for the upcoming South Carolina Entertainment & Music Hall of Fame Induction Show. This year’s Hall of Fame inductees are Dr. Mac Arnold, Dixiana, Kerry Marx, Bill Ellis, Bob Hooper, and Jim Miles. “Through BookerLAB we work to show our appreciation for […]

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TOWN Magazine – March 2021

Our founder Tom O’Hanlan was profiled in TOWN Magazine, specifically their “Art of Craft” edition: celebrating the time-honored traditions of our local artisans. TOWN Magazine: March 2021 […]

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Upstate Business Journal and Fire at Will Podcast

You may have noticed BookerLAB in two recent and very different media stories. First there was a great article on the company in the Upstate Business Journal.  Then there was a great interview with our founder, Tom O’Hanlan on the Fire At Will Podcast. We are very excited for both of these stories sharing the […]

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BookerLAB Debuts New Products at the 2020 NAMM Show

LIBERTY, SC, USA  January 16, 2020 – BookerLAB is introducing a series of new products to customers and industry partners at this year’s 2020 NAMM Show. In the two years since BookerLAB first hit the music market at the 2017 NAMM Show, they have expanded their network of likeminded musicians and industry veterans. As a […]

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BookerLAB Joins the Vintage Music Market with Advanced Motor Controller

LIBERTY, SC, USA  January 24, 2018 – BookerLAB, the newest member of the vintage music market, will debut at the 2018 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show on January 25. Spearheaded by Thomas Booker O’Hanlan, BookerLAB is committed to preserving vintage legacies by providing relevant upgrades that maintain the quality of vintage musical instruments […]

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